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It all started on the benches of Ecole Boulle, in Paris. After seeing a crimper work, Wil Le Cher wants to create jewels: "I was 14 years old and this crimper had fascinated me". Wil integrates the famous school, where he excels. He's blown up a class. Better yet: he finishes first of his promo. This is where he meets Bea, a student in the same school, a bit by chance: "I loved drawing a lot," she says. Her teacher of drawing in class of the 3rd noticed it and entered it automatically at the entrance examination at Ecole Boulle. Bea is received.

extracts from the golden book

Renard Argenté,

What happiness!

My darling gave me this ring that I do not leave. I look at her, I observe her, she is part of me.

Beautiful work.

La Déesse Intérieure, 

I did not leave my ring, not even to sleep. This is the first time. She is so comfortable that I forget her.

And then my glance captures a shine and arises.

It's not a ring, it's a dream of a little girl grown up.

It is obvious and at the same time a chimera.

It is certainly the most beautiful jewel I have ever had.

Good evening artists


Tourbillon de la vie,

For my "18 years" my first diamond! I love it, it is made for me.




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